150701 1A4NA8NA: TE29/TE29.HTM

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TUB-test chart TE29; Maximum (m) CAB colours, Go & Mo
CIE data XYZ, xyz, h for eight illuminants
2 & 10 degree observer, Yw=88,6, Ym=520-770, Parameter: cab

Colour Reproduction, Colour Vision or Colour Workflow (CW)
by the input operators rgb setrgbcolor and cmyk setcmykcolor and
different output PS operators

Figure L0N1: Output layout of page 1 of the file TE29L0NP.PDF with the format A6, see
TE29L0N1. EPS / TXT / jpg / PDF
and the format A4 in the following tables.

One page, orientation A4L,
Intended for PDF output,
No linearization or transfer
One page, orientation A4L,
Intended for PS output,
No linearization or transfer

one picture of one page (left side) Eight pictures of one page (right side)
TE290-7N. PS / TXT / PDF TE291-1N. PS / TXT / PDF
TE291-2N. PS / TXT / PDF
TE291-3N. PS / TXT / PDF
TE291-4N. PS / TXT / PDF
TE291-5N. PS / TXT / PDF
TE291-6N. PS / TXT / PDF
TE291-7N. PS / TXT / PDF
TE291-8N. PS / TXT / PDF

Four pictures with several pages (left side) Eight pictures with several pages (right side)
TE290-1A. PS / TXT / PDF
TE290-3A. PS / TXT / PDF
TE290-5A. PS / TXT / PDF
TE290-7A. PS / TXT / PDF
TE291-1A. PS / TXT / PDF
TE291-2A. PS / TXT / PDF
TE291-3A. PS / TXT / PDF
TE291-4A. PS / TXT / PDF
TE291-5A. PS / TXT / PDF
TE291-6A. PS / TXT / PDF
TE291-7A. PS / TXT / PDF
TE291-8A. PS / TXT / PDF

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